Why Our Montessori Education in Portland, OR is Remarkably Different

Why Our Montessori Education in Portland, OR is Remarkably Different

Read more about recent highlights in our students’ experiences at various levels of the school:

 Children play in childcare program as part of Montessori Education in Portland, OR
Garden Program for elementary students in Montessori School Portland, OR
Elementary students travel as part of Montessori Program in Portland, OR
Middle School students drama performance, integral part of Montessori in Portland OR
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ABOUT FMES: The Franciscan Montessori Earth School / Saint Francis Academy has been on the leading edge of private Montessori education in Portland, OR for more than 35 years. We are the only accredited pre-K through 8th grade Catholic Montessori school in the Western United States. We serve children ages 2 ½ through 15 on our 10 acre campus in SE Portland.

Our Montessori curriculum is individualized, multi-aged and emphasizes ecology, which we view as the study of the interconnectedness of all living things. Our established gardens and close proximity to wilderness enhance our outdoor and environmental programs which include overnight camping trips for elementary and middle school students. We also offer a full complement of programs including before and after school childcare, nutrition, athletics, religion, art and music.

Learn more about our private school Montessori Preschool / Kindgergarten, Elementary & Middle School Programs and sign up for an Open House tour to view our Remarkably Different Montessori school in Portland, OR.